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A Jewish Woman's Journey

Guest Speaker at the Kinus HaShluchos 5772

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A Jewish Woman's Journey: Guest Speaker at the Kinus HaShluchos 5772

Mrs. Ilana Skolnik of Capetown, South Africa shares the amazing story of her personal journey as a Jewish woman. While married to Israeli businessman and chairman of Friends of Lubavitch of Tel Aviv, the late Naaman Skolnik, she developed a special connection to the Rebbe.
Chabad-Lubavitch, International Conference of Emissaries

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Tamar Schriger Efrat, Israel via jerusalemchabad.org November 11, 2012

South Africa is not Eretz Yisrael Chabad, under the tutelage of the late Rebbe, zt'L has done amazing kiruv work worldwide. Ilana's journey is an inspiration to many women for sure.
Nevertheless, her description of davening in South Africa as feeling like Israel seems a bit far-fetched. As Rav Mordechai Eliyahu stated doing mitzvot abroad doesn't have the same status as carrying them out in Eretz Yisrael. Reply

Anonymous New rochelle, New York March 19, 2012

magnificence ensconced by holiness How could you not get emotional listering to such an eloquent speech?! Kol Hakavod to Ilana Skolnik, to the shluchim and shluchot. Alu Vehatzlichu bekol maaseh yedechem! Reply

deb herman oudtshoorn, s.a. March 7, 2012

ilana skolniks talk it was a most amazing talk very sincere and a privilege to listen to Reply

Vic bogan Sydney, Australia March 4, 2012

Norman Skolnik. I knew Norman for over 40 years, from his life in Australia to his life in Israel.

He was without a doubt a Mensh doing so much good for soo many.

The big Mitzvah in his later life was his meeting Ilana. Reply

Debra D. Mansfield, Ma via jewishmansfield.com February 26, 2012

Absolutely Beautiful! Mrs. Skolnik spoke so eloquently! So wonderful to hear her confirm the incredible work done by all the Shluchim women around the world. Thank you all for helping to build better lives for all Jews and bridging the gap between those who live with love of HaShem and those who know nothing of that love! Thank you! Reply

Alona Toronto, Canada February 24, 2012

Kol Hakavod What an inspiring speech! Reply

Mrs. Alizah Hochstead Efrat, Israel February 20, 2012

Shluchot Convention What a special inspiration for those of us far away from NY. I can only dream of what a special moment it must have been to be at the Kinus HaSHluchot. Thank you for letting us share these moments with you. Reply

esther Brooklyn, NY February 19, 2012

wow Incredible how quickly this got posted. thank you! Reply