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Meaningful Eating

Eating Kosher: Lesson 3

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Meaningful Eating: Eating Kosher: Lesson 3

How do we turn eating into a spiritual experience? A mystical view on food.

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Lauren Chicago, IL January 4, 2018

This was a very interesting and insightful class. I really liked the scientific points that were brought up and hope to take more baby steps in my life with Kashrut. Thank you Chabad and Rabbi Taylor! Reply

Julie Durham, UK February 8, 2012

IMaybe we have to do what we can Karen and leave what we can't up to G_d. It is OK to eat white bread now and again, it's not poison! Eat something healthy with it like Marmite for the vitamins and fruit for the fibre. I wouldn't know the rules for diabetics and alcoholics though.

I was vegetarian for years as a Buddhist, maybe Buddhists can only uplift vegetables? I have been eating meat for around 5 years now but non-kosher as I'm not Jewish but it doesn't feel good. I would love to do as this Rabbi suggests even as a non-Jew so my first action will be to stop buying pork and seafood without scales. That doesn't seem so hard - not when you've been a vege!

I would like to be able to uplift all kosher foods to the spiritual level but I guess you have to be Jewish to do that. I think this action is very important for health as it prevents over eating - you need what you need to help you do stuff, you don't need so much you can't move. Maybe the whole first world needs this. Reply

Estee plantation, Florida February 8, 2012

Eating kosher Very interesting! Love it! Thank you!! Reply

Anonymous Hamilton, MA February 6, 2012

Eating Kosher Awesome program. Since becoming involved with our local Chabad and watching these programs, we have moved our household from sort of kosher at home to keeping kosher both in and out of the house and eating only at kosher restaurants. The support and encouragement of taking small steps and knowing that even the smallest change counts has made all of the difference. Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA February 5, 2012

How can we resign ourselves to eating How can we resign ourselves to eating non-nutritious foods such as white bread challah, etc., and thinking of it in a spiritual way? Matzoh balls are made from white flour matzoh and not whole wheat matzoh meal, and gefilte fish often is made with sugar, which is not good for diabetics. Wine is served as a spiritual drink, yet there are alcoholics and diabetics who can't drink that. How to reconcile this? Reply

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