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Idols in the Holy of Holies?

How to Study Torah - Terumah

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Idols in the Holy of Holies?: How to Study Torah - Terumah

What did the Ark in the Holy of Holies look like? The commentaries on the Torah discuss the design of the Ark and its unusual lid upon which were two golden Cherubs.
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Keruvim, Ark, Terumah

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Mike Ettinger Nova Scotia February 6, 2019

It is not a question of not being and being. The fact it takes up no space screams it doesn't exist in time. Seeing how eternity, G-d's loft, exists before the universe was made, thus time, it would seem reasonable that G-d's dwelling place in this heaven would have attributes of the higher heavens. Reply

Pamela Balcom Montague February 6, 2019

I literally just thought about that as I was reading through chronologically through Kings and Chronicles. I thought it must mean that iconography is somewhat ok, right? But no, I agree with your wisdom on this! Thanks for revealing a nuance that proved puzzling to me. Reply

CC Toronto November 9, 2016

Growing interest in Cherubim Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, thank you for such a fascinating and detailed lecture. I could have listened to another hour.

I'd like to learn more about the keruvim. Somewhere on the channel is a lecture about how the little faces may be turned toward each other, and turned away from each other.
Does anyone know where I may find the video about this? Reply

Seth Speiser West Hempstead January 30, 2014

Better architectural understanding of mishkan I have tried year after year to follow the cubit measurements to see how it all pieced together and always felt there was a fudge factor. Richard Elliott Friedman describes how the measurement of 30 cubits for the length of the mishkan is just assumed to be such because there were 20 boards that measured 1.5 cubits, hence 30 cubits. An extra half of a cubit is an oddity. He mentions that architects have described a more stable, better ventilating design such that the extra 0.5 cubits of the boards were used to overlap in a STAGGERED manner. The resulting length is 20 not 30. when doing this the fabric spread over the structure finally covers the tabernacle properly. The curtain was 20(=length of tabernacle) by28(to rise over 1st wall 10 high continuing as roof of width over top 8 cubits, down other wall another 10 cubits)! Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ontario February 24, 2012

Cherubim unplugged! It was indeed a pity I didn't get to properly finish the lecture. I had felt that without first having a well grounded and comprehensive appreciation of the ark itself – a class on the Cherubim alone would have lacked context and necessary background. Please G-d, next year (if Heaven forfend, Moshiach hasn't come yet) I will give part 2 of this presentation -- devoted exclusivly to the subject of the Ark's cover & the Cherubim. Everybody's kind words are sincerely appreciated... Reply

Allan Labrador Mas Quezon City, Philippines February 23, 2012

The reproduced Ark be brought to the Philippines It would be great if the reproduced ark "in all its glory", as posted by an anonymous friend from Aldergrove, BC Canada, be brought here to my country, the Philippines.

We would have the chance to imagine the wonderful love of the Hashem in the days of Moses and His immeasurable love to the Israelites.

Shalom from the Philippines! Reply

Miss Elena Ester Rivka Guadagnini February 23, 2012

Cherubins and other entities Dear Rabbi,
thank you for this wonderful lesson. I agree with Mialich, Brazil, and I would also love to know more about the cherubins, the other spiritual emanations and spheres, and about our relationship with G-d as children as well. Thank you again for the great job,
Kol HaKavod and much simchà!! Reply

B. Mialich Brazil February 21, 2012

It whas a pity the lesson had to be shortned at it´s ending, but in a way, that gave me more curiosity about the specific topic of the cherubins.
Thank you Rabbi. Reply

Anonymous Aldergrove, BC Canada February 21, 2012

The ark is reproduced. The Ark in all its glory(gold with angels) with pillars and wood for sacrifices is rebuilt and about to be on display in Abbotsford BC Reply

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