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Reflections on "Hayom Yom" Tevet 18

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Moshe Steiner January 7, 2014

RE: When did we truly receive Torah??? The Talmud (Yoma 28b) states that our Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) studied Torah.

The question of why the "Giving of the Torah" at Sinai was necessary if the Torah's teachings were previously known, is addressed in the article "A Bridge Across Infinity: How the Revelation at Sinai Changed the Cosmic Map" by Rabbi Eli Rubin Reply

Durval Knox Brazil December 21, 2013

When do we truly recived Torah??? I don't understend only one thing ... I the jewish people have recived the Torah at Sinai by the hands of Moshe ... How is it possible to Jacob study Torah if he lived before Moshe!!! In Jacob's time there was no Torah!?

Durval Knox Reply

Josh January 1, 2013

Great! I like this video. Reply