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Dreams and the Message of Chanukah

Parshah Mikeitz

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Dreams and the Message of Chanukah: Parshah Mikeitz

In the verse "Pharaoh dreamed..." (Genesis 41:1) the word "dreamed" (cholem) can also be read as the name of the Hebrew vowel cholem or rearranged to spell the word "salt" (melach). What is the connection between dreams and Chanukah?
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Rabbi Raskin bklyn hts November 25, 2013

bread Leah,

great idea lechem is the same as cholam

very enlightening! Reply

Leah Lapidus Cleveland, OH November 25, 2013

and maybe also "lechem"- bread.
what about "lechem", bread, which is also spelled with the same letters and has the same gematria of 78 and gives us strength? Reply

Rabbi Raskin Brooklyn December 17, 2012

Angel Michael Angel Michael is known for many things.
He is the angel of water and also the high priest in heaven.
He was the one that signed the cruise of olive oil in the holy temple at the time of Chanukah.
In general he is associated with love and kindness; thus the angel that throws candies to inspire little children to love G-d. Reply

Sholom Hershel ben Eliyahu Brooklyn December 13, 2012

My dear R' Raskin: As always, the shiur online was very welcome; thought provoking, informational and inspiring. Question: Why specifically the Malach Michoel as the thrower of candy? A freilich Chanukah! Reply

Anonymous London, UK December 26, 2011

Greeting. Thank you for your interesting Shiur. Reply

Gilly December 22, 2011

Very OK

Hag4Sameah Chanoukah Reply

Pam Young Brooklyn, NY, USA December 22, 2011

Truly another beautiful lesson Rabbi, the spirit in which you create and deliver this message is so inspiring. Thank you for helping us better understand the meaning of Chanukah. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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