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The Shul, Episode 1

"The Beginning"

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The Shul, Episode 1: "The Beginning"

A documentary film crew comes to Rabbi Kadoozy's Synagogue to explore daily Jewish life and Jono explains why he's dressing mice up in sweaters.
Modeh Ani, Synagogue

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Me July 26, 2021


aussie girl sydney australia May 21, 2018

thx so much Reply

S. Lemberger USA May 21, 2018

keep 'em coming Reply

Eliora Maryland February 11, 2018

Why does Jono look different? I liked the other Jono better. He was WAY less scary. Reply

Tl Pomona Ny July 5, 2021
in response to Eliora:

Jono number two is so energetic Reply

mendel hein Pittsford December 30, 2016

why does a gifilte fish sell keys? Reply

Anonymous earth October 9, 2016

when i go on kids videos the shul is not there and my 5 year old neice loves it Reply

Anonymous mb July 23, 2015

Who plays the music at the end? Reply

emerald creeper July 23, 2015

I had a baby named markus. dean Reply

Someone somewhere February 5, 2015

? what does the sign say? Reply

ari akron February 1, 2015

to solon anonymous the reason is because it shouldn't be in one shot, and btw number 2's out already Reply

Anonymous fl January 23, 2015

z waiting for some answers.......... Reply

Anonymous solon January 23, 2015

post them already Since u showed the rest of the itche kadoozy by the kinus tzeirei hashluchim banquet y don't u post the rest of the series and not keep us hanging. Its been too long since this came out. Reply

Anonymous fl January 21, 2015

thanks for the skit.
can you please tell who does the music, I'd like to purchase ...thanks Reply

Anonymous baltimore, md January 21, 2015

every shul/chabad house has a "teddy"! we love you, teddies of the world! (no matter howatrange, creepy, and privacy-invading you are!) but for real, great job with the show! i love it! i love the characters andsort of had gotten to know them each by watching the other itche kadoozies. i love them all! (jono is my favorite!) Reply

Cyndy Middlefield, Ohio January 21, 2015

More Itchy Kadoozy! Great way to teach a lesson. The skits go quickly and are very funny. Reply

Anonymous Florida January 20, 2015

Really really good! I have been making puppet shows and using other media to teach Judaism for a looooong time. This is probably the best Jewish educational puppet show I have ever seen. One of
the best any kind of puppet shows. Clever, funny, inspiring, original, well executed, interesting,
and with good production values. EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work. Reply

anonymous ny January 20, 2015

so cute!!! i love it!!!!
keep up the gr8 work!!!! Reply

Anonymous Akron January 19, 2015

ha! that was shown at the tzeirei hashluchim minus banquet! Reply

dassy toronto January 18, 2015

I love it too amazing want to hear a joke hear why did g fish put on a tie well its tie mm to show that fish can still be fashionable Reply

Anonymous January 18, 2015

This is just too weird… is this what you think of your congregants? Reply

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