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When to Go to War

The Philosophy of "Just War" in Judaism

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When to Go to War: The Philosophy of "Just War" in Judaism

An overview of the Jewish position on when armed conflict is justified. The Jewish view is contrasted with "Just War Theory."
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DA Jerusalem July 9, 2014

Sources What are the exact sources that the speaker references? Reply

Nir Nj January 16, 2014

Wow Very interesting topic. Well done Jack. Reply

Anonymous Oslo, Norway December 10, 2011

G-d cares for all living things, even the sherets My interpreation so far: Descendents of Israel will own and be safe in Israel when the time comes. And their land will be much bigger than today, the outer boarder is in the scriptures. But as I read, the requirement is not first and foremost war, as you know, from the Torah. And I believe that when the nations really understand and start to believe in G-d and His Word, they will run to give you the land. When they understand that jews doesnt hate them, but will teach them, and be light for the nations. In scripture also about the nations serving the G-d of Israel together with you, G-d chose you to show himself to the world! Representatives from all over shall come at the feast of sukkot? While waiting, of course you should protect yourself! But I am thinking: Now your brothers could be in any nation. Not everybody even know themself if they are a jew or not. It is not now like it was when you entered the land after in Egypt. All war hurts G-ds creation and should be the last solution Reply

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