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Rabbi Gordon - Chayei Sarah: 7th Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Chayei Sarah: 7th Portion

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Chayei Sarah, Parshah

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Amichai Schneller MN November 14, 2014

Good morning! The missing 14 years is wrapped in mystique. It leaves room for topics that could possibly reveal volumes about, where he went, who he met, and why?
Very interesting. Was Ishmail/ ishmale? (spelled incorrect I'm sorry.) I always felt sad for ishmail and his mother, being cast out into the desert. Even as a kid, I always envisioned
their struggle, and was left feeling kind of sad. I don't know what to think. Reply

Avraham Wyszynski November 4, 2012

abraham chananidr, Pharaoh first found out, then told them to leave the country so that no similar thing would happen to them and as a going away gift he gave abraham his daughter... as Rash pointed out, that it would be better for Hagar to be a servant to Sarah than a prindcess to some household elsewhere... hope this clarifies the timing. avraham Reply

chananidr irvine, cal via November 18, 2011

abraham How come did Pharaoh not know that sarah was abraham's wife and not sister because tecnically Pharaoh was abraham's father-in-law as he was Ishmael's grandfather as his daughter hagar was married to abraham. Reply

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