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A Rational Basis for Faith

Judaism and Faith: Lesson 2

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A Rational Basis for Faith: Judaism and Faith: Lesson 2

A brief look at some of the logical approaches to the belief in the existence of a creator.
Faith; Belief in G-d

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Onno Westerman gouda, Holland April 17, 2012

Universe The first 20 min he sounds OK but after this for the last 6 he claim there is only live on earth because the perfectness of the whole universe so with the meaning that the whole universe is there only for earth to be able to sustain life. This is laughable and not even truth. Its reversed logic. By the way ET is already discovered so there are many planets with life out there. Reply

gilbert lenchus Sunrise, Fl December 1, 2011

FAITH PRESENTATION Very impressive. He explains a lot in a way that can relate to all know matter what level of religious schooling one has.

Little Gator Maiden, NC November 30, 2011

It was wonderful to hear someone speak so beautifully of how science proves there is a Creator. It was a wonderful and intelligent discussion, very well done. There is so much that can be learned about G-d through a proper study of science. I have always preferred chemistry, biology, and zoology. I may have to begin a study of cosmology. Thank you very much for your thought provoking discussion. Well done. Reply

thomas texas November 29, 2011

nice but stand still and don't sound so patronizing. other people do know things you know... Reply

David Braham, mn November 25, 2011

Judiasim and Faith I enjoyed your presentation, your examples
were eye opening will look for your next
presentation. Reply

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