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Shlomo's Playbook - Trophy

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Shlomo's Playbook - Trophy

What is our ultimate goal as Jews? To bring Moshiach with acts of goodness and kindness.
Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Football

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ruth housman marshfield hills, ma January 3, 2012

this world perfect in its imperfections My Father always wanted me to be perfect, but his notion of perfect wasn't mine. In fact, I learned over time that nobody is perfect, and that life exists in that dynamic tension of needing, striving, to obtain balance. It's a delicate act, and it is a constant. If we had total equilibrium we would cease acting, cease moving, cease doing. We need that balancing motion, as in the see/saws of our youth. To be perfectly centered, doesn't work. Neither of us moves.

I don't want to find "perfect" but yes, I believe in perfection, meaning healing, meaning patching the broken areas of lives. We learn through suffering, but cannot condone this, being humane.

The notion of a Messianic world involves a sea change, a see change, that is oceanic --- to perceive it's all G_D. I know it. IN every possible way.

Do not give me things unbroken, but give me, a way to convince others to lay down their swords, to use the words within, to work for peace. The journey is Everything! Reply

Michael Reiter Brooklyn, NY January 3, 2012

Shlomo's Playbook I have been a fan of the NFL since the early 1960's and the goal clearly is a "ring." If you want to make the world a better place, you have to make your "hands" dirty if you know what I mean. You can not hide in the Jewish Ghetto anymore! Reply

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