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Jungle or Orchard?

One Minute Meditation


Jungle or Orchard?: One Minute Meditation

The world is a garden, we just need to crack open the husks.
Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Kelipah

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Shneur Kanar Morristown June 20, 2018

Such a good funny effective and quick way to get amazing inspiration that carries me through challenges! Reply

Anonymous stamford ct usa June 5, 2018

you did this animated in kabbalah toons Reply

Anonymous December 20, 2015

I don't get it Reply

Anonymous November 9, 2011

haha Humour at its effective best.

We needed something new from half empty- half full. Scary jungle or beautiful orchard question is very creative.

Yasher koach Reply

Anonymous October 30, 2011

YOU ARE SUCH A NERD! I married one, too! Nerds rock!

I love your videos and you must stay up late thinking of ways to deliver your inspiration, and I am glad for it! Thank you for making me laugh today! Reply

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