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Counting the Omer - Part 3

The Attribute of Compassion (Tiferet)


Counting the Omer - Part 3: The Attribute of Compassion (Tiferet)

The attribute of Tiferet as a synthesis of the previous two qualities of kindness and strength is expressed as empathy and compassion toward others.
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Counting of the Omer, Sefirat HaOmer period, Tiferes

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Anonymous new york May 6, 2011

Counting the Omer I am very much enjoying learning from your series and look forward to each week's lesson.
I strive to be the best person I can be and listening to your very clear lessons is so helpful. From a compassionate heart, I thank you for sharing your knowledge, your wisdom, your compassion for others. Reply

Edward F. Villa Panorama City, California May 5, 2011

Beautiful Thank you for this wonderful video...

I love this so much: you don't know...
Thank you immensely, Mrs. Schusterman for making this most important reminder that we are to lead our lives with this , one of the most important traits, if not the most important one- That we all should strive to practice at all times.

Thank you so very much once again and May God keep blessing you in your work for your lovely people: The Jewish People but most importantly, inspiring others - Jew and non-Jew alike- to grow closer to God - one video lecture at a time .

With gratitude, Reply

Catherine NY, NY May 5, 2011

kabbalah I am writing a childrens book highlighting all the patriachs and their lives and meanings on a deeper level.. Their connection to the various seforit is what makes their lives meaninful to ours. It helps us to shine like sapphires for sure. Thank you for your ability to map out an outline for us to follow as each week unfolds and presents a new quality to think about. Reply

Omer Ocando Punto Fijo, Venezuela May 3, 2011

Tiferet You cannot imagine how helpful your classes have been for me. Full understanding of this wonderfull period of The Omer. Yasher Koiaj again, again, and again. Reply

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