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Completing the Study of Maimonides

Daily Study of Mishneh Torah


Completing the Study of Maimonides: Daily Study of Mishneh Torah

Completing the daily study of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah and starting again, Rabbi Kaplan reads the final law of Maimonides' 14-volume legal code, the first law, and then explains the connection between them (3/30/2011).
Daily Study Cycle of Maimonides, Mishneh Torah (Rambam)

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Anonymous September 30, 2011

Admiration I am very thankful that you exist Mendel and thank you for being a teacher and for allowing others to learn the knowledge that you have kept alive. I have learned more from you than most men on this earth and for that I could not ever repay you. I look to you for direction and guidance in times of distress,when I feel out of sorts I put on a teaching of yours and it puts my soul at ease. I wouldnt have to replay them so often if I had a memory that could properly remember the information that is taught... Reply