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Torah in Ten: Tazria

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Torah in Ten: Tazria

Topics include: The pain of childbirth as a lesson that G-d does not bring upon us burdens that we cannot handle, different shades of tzaraat lesions and their correspondence to different degrees of spiritual sickness, the seven day quarantine of the leper as a metaphor for reincarnation.
Tazria-Metzora, Tazria

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Troy Broussard CO March 23, 2014

Torah in Ten This opened up a whole new perspective in my approach to study and realization of how this life is to be devoted.

Thank you for this entire web-page. Reply

Sophia Ashland April 13, 2013

Ego of Chaim Miller Give thanks and be grateful that your ego is part of what makes Torah in Ten so passionate and enjoyable to listen to. And there is the fact that the content is gem packed with good stuff. Baruch HaShem. Reply

Natan Łódź April 13, 2013

Helpful enough for my level. Reply

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