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Tribal Ancestry

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Tribal Ancestry

Reflections on the Biblical account of how the Jewish people established their tribal pedigrees for the census taken by Moses.
Tribes, The Twelve, Jewishness; Jewish Identity, Census of the Israelites

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sharon Lockwood-Habram Tucson, AZ November 28, 2011

TRIBAL ANCESTORY Thank you Rabbi Gordon. Don't know why my curiousity has piqued so about my ancestory. Incidently, the day you posted your comment to me about this, it happened to be my birthday.
I've always enjoyed a good mystery, so as they say---the joy is in the journey! Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino , CA November 27, 2011

Which Tribe? The names of your parents or grandparents will not necessarily lead you to identify which tribe you are from. You would have to research your family tree and ascertain whether or not some one identified it or not. For example, I have NO IDEA which tribe I am from. Reply

Sharon Lockwood Tucson, AZ November 1, 2011

Which Tribe? My mother's maiden name was Ruth. My grandfather's name was Harry Isaac Ruth. How do I find out what tribe I am decended from? Reply