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Classic Arguments of the Talmud

Hillel and Shammai – Lesson 1

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Classic Arguments of the Talmud – Part 1: Hillel and Shammai – Lesson 1

Hillel & Shammai 1  
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Joseph (Yosef) Palmdale September 4, 2023

Thank you for these valuable lessons of instructions Reply

Yehuda Yair Rivera Fort Lauderdale April 8, 2021

Thank you for the lesson between Beis Hillel - Actual, and Beis Shammai - Potential. Reply

Ardan Michael Blum Palo Alto June 28, 2017

Sooooooooo wonderful. Reply

Anonymous Berlin April 22, 2013

Thank you very much for your clear explanations. Reply

Anonymous Miami Beach, Fl March 23, 2011

Clear presentation I have listened to many of Rabbi Schapiro's lectures. They are all very clear and to the point. You walk away having a greater understanding of the sublect and you then have the abiity to explain it and pass it on to others. Reply

Anonymous March 22, 2011

Phonetic pronouncement of Hebrew I must confess that I don’t know Hebrew but when I say a word I want to make sure I pronounce it correctly. For example מֹשֶׁה I know is Moshe or in English Moses. Is there a web site that would help me pronounce Moshe correctly? Reply

margaret Mesa, Arizona, USA March 22, 2011

Classic Argument of the Talmud Great teaching!!! Much clarity. I always wanted to study the Talmud. I bought the book. Now I will be able to understand it better. Thank you so much. I am grateful. I have two (2) questions: 1. What is the difference from Talmud and Mishnah?
2. Did Abraham Aveninu and Sarai keep Chanukah? Reply

rk bowie, MD March 18, 2011

Teacher and subject Great teacher with much clarity and knowledge
Great subject matter
Great combination!
Thank you Reply

David Taylor Flemington, NJ March 17, 2011

An excellent presentation - Could you suggest further reading in English on this topic? Reply

Anonymous March 17, 2011

I Look forward to the next lessons Reply

Anonymous March 17, 2011

Classic Arguments of the Talmud The world needs Hashem to give it life, we must also heed His word to make it right. So without potential you have no actuality and so on. We need to hear both sides of the law or it makes the law pointless to put into effect. Great lecture! Reply

John E. Brosseau Racine, WI. March 17, 2011

The words for potential and actual. This is wonderful. Rabbi Schapiro is clear and understandable. I now know what Tu B'Shevat is about! Would it be possible to send me the Hebrew language words for potential and actual? Reply

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