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Four Women, Four Journeys

Women share their life-changing stories

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Four Women, Four Journeys: Women share their life-changing stories

Four women share their personal stories of how their lives were changed by their relationship with their respective shluchos.
Chabad-Lubavitch, International Conference of Emissaries

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Chani Moore Filey, UK March 21, 2011

Maureen Miller This lady's story gave me hope that one day I too will be able to say 'I am a Jew by choice and I am a member of the Chabad family'.

May Hashem send her brocho v'hatzlocho Reply

Wendy (Ariella) Sternberg Philadelphia, PA February 6, 2011

Shira's talk I met Shira at Rabbi and Rebbitzen Korn's home during Pesach while she was still at NYU. Her husband, a close friend of my family, already recognized the special qualities and passion for Yiddishkeit that are so evident in this extraordinary young woman's daily activities. I am privileged to call her a dear friend, and to be "Auntie Wendy" to my Impy, Shayna Leah. You are beautiful inside and out, Shira Rose. Reply

S. Gains Toronto, Canada February 6, 2011

Four Women, Four Journey's Amazing...such inspiring, heartfelt speeches! It's wonderful to see such a conference of so many woman at one event with a desire to make a difference in the world...
Blessings for all... Reply

MLS Brooklyn, NY February 3, 2011

Represent! Shira Rose rocks my world.
Love you! Reply