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Six Days, Six Ways

Insights into Ashrei - Part 1

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Six Days, Six Ways: Insights into Ashrei - Part 1

The six days of creation as six distinct ways of relating to G-d. Based on the verse (Psalms 145:2) "Everyday I will bless You, and I will extol Your name forever."
Psalm 145 - Lesson 1  
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Psalms, Creation, Six Days of, Ashrei

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Anonymous Madagascar July 28, 2013

Insights into Ashrei Wonderful insights.
Thanks Rabbi very much for this.
I would love to download this message.

Please advise Reply

Mrs. Nomi Bhatia June 18, 2012

Thank You Wow! Thank You! Wish I could download this Reply

Wayne Fleischman Hamden, CT January 9, 2011

Lesson 1 Thank you Rabbi Gurkow for that insightful understanding on just a few words of the Ashrei - Psalm 145. I especially enjoyed your sharing the Chasidic masters' explanation of days also referring to attributes of G-d and your analogy of students' behavior without the teacher's presence to G-d and us. Since learning to translate the Ashrei word by word thanks to Artscroll interlinear siddur and reading all the commentaries on the Ashrei, I appreciate your contribution to this thrice daily said Psalm. Thank you. Reply

Sandra Leet Flagstaff, AZ January 6, 2011

Lesson 1 That was fabulous, thank you so much Rabbi. Reply

Richard Raff January 6, 2011

Six Days, Six Ways Wow so what i can translate from my perspective is. The book of Psalms is the manual for unity almost mankind and Jew alike. G-d involved Himself by listening to David prayers. Because He wanted to show all of mankind that unity is possible under G-d, Blessed Be His Name. G-d wanted David to know that I am not a thought but I am the reality of kindness and punishment. Making the difference between the King of all of creation and a human king to keep Jews from straying away. This was about pouring your heart out to G-d not just obeying King David. Like night and day, Great lecture. Reply

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