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Repentance in the Spirit of Joy

The High Holidays and Teshuvah

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Repentance in the Spirit of Joy: The High Holidays and Teshuvah

How to properly experience the High Holiday season when your heart and head are burdened with challenges, worries, and frustrations from day to day anxieties.
Teshuvah, Yom Kippur

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manuel parrondo miami, florida April 17, 2012

repentance Beautifull teaching. Thank Hashem for the message. Like a ring to a finger. Reply

Bob Popkin Pt. Washington, NY September 6, 2010

Lecture Thank you for all the time and effort that you spent preparing this lecture. Thank you for the wisdom, understanding and heartfelt private moments that you shared with us. Only now do I have a better grasp of Teshuvah and especially Teshuvah in the Spirit of Joy. Shalom. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan September 6, 2010

You saved me This class was really a wakening call for me. I was not taking the resposibilities of what I have done and blaming others. It is such a terrifying thing to imagine what would have been if I entered Rosh HaShana blaming others for my faults! Thank you very much for giving us this special class.

Your teaching "as long as you blame others for your misdeeds, you will repeat it" is very true and powerful. The realization that I have capacity given by G-d to over come a challenge makes me strong. I am very much empowered by this class. I will do serious soul searching with great joy! Reply

Anonymous toowoomba, qld australia September 5, 2010

teshuva repentance overwhelmed by such wonderful truths...julia Reply

Lilia Vi, CA September 2, 2010

Secret love Thank you for enlightening my soul today with your exposition. I understand now why I am going through this dark valley. I need less of me and more of HIM. Reply

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