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Torah in Ten: Bereishit


Torah in Ten: Bereishit

Topics include: The Tree of Knowledge, the reincarnations of Cain and Abel and a hidden reference to Lilith.
Cain Murders Abel, Abel, Cain, Tree of Knowledge, Sin of, Lilith, Bereishit

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Anonymous Canada December 3, 2017

Could you give some reference for the Ari zal ideas that you talk about in the videos please.
Thanx Reply

Leahla October 4, 2017

Wasn't Jethro a lot older than both Moses and the Egyptian that he killed?

So then, how could Cain's poor soul go from the Egyptian that Moses killed to Jethro?

Thank you for your interesting interpretation of the Jewish faith! Reply

Meira Shana San Diego November 23, 2016

Abel's descendants? How is that possible? Was Abel 'married' and did they have children? Reply

Mr. lee oberg via chabadbythesea.com November 5, 2011

Thank You! Thank you Rabbi for sharing your valuable perspective. I have come to Torah study later in life than most and appreciate and look forward to your lessons. Reply

Anonymous israel, israel November 2, 2011

question, please how do we see this as inspiring and not depressing? are we guinea pigs in this experiment called "creation" - just born to fight again and again the zohamah? i seriously want to do my avodah bsimcha. it's not easy. Reply

D Schneider Gateshead, England August 31, 2011

http://www.chabad.org/multimedia/media_cdo/aid/131 The exegesis is fanciful in the extreme and of no practical help (hokmah) at all to those who wish to live by the Torah in an ungodly society. The speaker seems to have a wonderful talent as can be seen from his attempt to obscure the Word of G-d. A teacher of the Tanakh ought to feed the flock with manna, not with husks. Reply

Anonymous Lodz, Poland November 29, 2010

fine Point after point & subject after subject gives a worthly detail. I'm your student. Reply

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