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Chanukah Play

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Chanukah Play

Too cute for words. Watch a group of 5 year-olds re-enact this drama of struggle and redemption, the story of Chanukah.
Miracle of Chanukah, Chanukah

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Leanora SHay December 23, 2019

So precious Reply

Dawn House (Sh’Khinah 5yrs) Newman Lake Washington December 30, 2017

My daughter Sh’Khinah is in Kindergarten and watched the production she said, “ How did they remember all the story, they are amazing”
Thank you for inspiring my little girl- Well done Reply

Casper van Cleeveld GRONINGEN December 14, 2017

Very nice. Reply

Captain America Texas December 5, 2015

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Hurwitz Miriam Brooklyn December 9, 2014

MTo all of you who have enjoyed this video:
This was filmed over 20 years ago the children are all in there late twenties today. I believe it was produced by a Shemtov from Philadelphia.
It was redone in Frankfurt Germany about five years ago but the language is German. Reply

Anonymous December 9, 2014

impressive teacher! the teacher/s who arranged this show did a superb job! well done! amazing teaching! anyone know this teacher? Maybe they can give some tips on education? Reply

Debbie Colorado December 26, 2013

So cute! I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Would it be possible to add the words being said to the bottom of the screen? A lot of it can not be understood. Happy Chanukah! Reply

Terry Mt Pleasant, SC via December 22, 2011

bravo Bravo to the "story teller" narrator!! Of course, all of the "actors" were wonderful. But, I'd like to know, is the narrator headed for the rabbinate or Broadway?? He's adorable and memorized the whole least, that's what it looked like to me. Bravo to the entire cast and the director, producer, costume designers, set designers,sound technicians, etc, etc Reply

Miriam Hurwitz Brooklyn, Ny December 21, 2011

Oldie but a goodie! Still as adorable as when it was created but quite a few of the actors are married now. Sorry Laz but this video is about twenty years old, you'll have to get other kinderlach. Reply

Dr. laz Miami, Fl December 19, 2011

Awesome job! Wow! What a wonderful production. We want more!! I think I will have to put these kinderlach in my next music video. Bravo & Chanukah Sameach! Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide, South Australia via July 25, 2011

So Cute!!!!!! This play is so cute!
But the kids acted very well, I'd have to say! Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny December 14, 2010

This is the cutest thing! Reply

Anonymous December 2, 2010

wow ! We learn best from our children !

Kudos and Chappy Chanukah ! Reply

tom trumbull, CT via December 16, 2009

funny Reply

yt Cordoba, Argentina December 14, 2009

morah itkin glad to know you were on the play! .... :P Reply

Esher Montreal, ca December 13, 2009

WOw So cute but how did such a small child, the narrator, memorize so much?? Reply

KMS Oak Park, MI via December 11, 2009

Gifts I agree 100% with the comment posted by "Kayla". Everything else was very nice, and the narrator was especially cute, but the statement about 'gifts' being a part of Chanukah, is just wrong. It's gelt, not gifts. Do we really need to follow the customs of others? No! Reply

Anonymous Jerusalem, Israel via December 10, 2009

So cute How did these little kids learn such a long and complicated script?

I agree with Kayla - why does it say "most important are the gifts"? The gifts are least important, if they are given at all.

I plan to show this to my 3-year-old to teach her about Chanuka, but I will have to stop it before that line! We don't give gifts on Chanuka. Reply

Chava M. Oslo, Norway December 20, 2008

Very helpful and useful! Thank you so much for this video. It really helped me teach the story of Chanukah to my young students. It was fun, it was scary, and best of all-informative.

Thank you actors, teachers and! Reply

H. Tamir Miami, FL December 18, 2008

Wonderful What a beautiful play.
I showed to it my 3rd and 4th grade classes and they loved it.
Thank you for sharing it with us. Reply

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