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The Astronaut

What I Learned From Outer Space

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The Astronaut: What I Learned From Outer Space

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Dani N.J. April 20, 2022

Who is this??????? He looks like an actor not an astronaut Reply

Anonymouse Not Here March 29, 2017

who is this? and is/was he a real astronaut? Reply

shaina nabraska April 4, 2017
in response to Anonymouse:

it looks like it i saw him in a real vid Reply

anonymouse March 20, 2020
in response to Anonymouse:

its so not important its the idea his bringing out
but he may be real Reply

Gavi toronto May 7, 2021
in response to anonymouse:

Good point anonymous but your actually more likely to be the president then an astronaut so it would be cool if Chabad contacted someone who really was in space Reply

Fruma Belinsky Baltimore, Maryland February 23, 2014

very true it is so amazing that people can learn from the tiniest things. Reply

Anonymous October 18, 2010

inpossibl cool Reply

Anonymous Tenafly, NJ January 15, 2010

The Jewiish Astronaut Don't you think the astonaust's name should be noted in the piece? Children should know that this is a real person with a real name. Reply

Leah Brooklyn October 8, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

its not like its an animated video! Reply

Batya London January 14, 2010

that's right xe,xe yeahhh..
everything is possible :) Reply