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What I Can See In A Flower

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Flowers: What I Can See In A Flower

There are thousands of beautiful flowers. Who created all of them?

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Shoshanna Pa August 17, 2015

Leave her alone..she's young people make mistakes and, Well guess what? Maybe she wasn't really referring to the flower as a daisy,I mean think about it do you really think they would allow this video out without checking what the flower was? No. When one talks they sometimes look at other things,it doesn't really mean that that's what they are talking about...Or if she was referring to the flower it might of been a mistake because the daisy and gerbera do look somewhat alike. Reply

abby November 2, 2014

daisy?! That's not a daisy she's holding - it's a gerbera! Reply

lev sydney, Australia July 8, 2010

to no. 2 who made a gardner?---G-D! Reply

chaya mushkah greenberg shanghai, china April 13, 2010

who made a daisy? to comment number one: true, a gardener plants the seeds and waters the seed, but it is g-d who is the one that makes it grow. Reply

Anonymous offenbach, hessen/germany February 11, 2010

easy who made a flower? a gardener Reply

ruth Housman marshfield hills, MA February 4, 2010

how we flower This is so lovely. Very simple, very to the point and so beautiful. You began with tiger lilies, with orange tiger lilies, and for some unknown reason, for me, somehow connected to "cancer" I have been thinking about tiger lilies, so this, too, a kind of synchronicity for me.

I want my granddaughter to see this, because it's so simply and lovingly put, and for me, so absolutely beautifully true. Reply

Shani Volk Scottsdale February 4, 2010

A Daisy I will never forget the look on the girls face explaining the existence of the Holy One as creator ... without saying it!!! Awesome and inspiring and thought worthy to believe. Reply

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