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Win the War!

Psalms of King David 55:19

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Win the War!: Psalms of King David 55:19

There is a battle that rages inside the heart of every one of us. Will it ever end? Is there a strategy for decisive victory? Based on the verse (Psalms 55:19) "In peace He has redeemed my soul from battle."
The Psalms of King David: Lesson 3  
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Eliach EU May 16, 2019

rabbi Lazer,
Thank you.
So the way to resolve the conflict between my Godly soul and my 'animal soul' is concentrated prayer, genuine fasting and peacefully by loving God with everything while despising money.
Living a life of service for God is greater than martyrdom for God because the former is long lasting while the latter is momentary. Both together and you would be divine. Takes a lot to be righteous, a Tzaddik, a saint. Who could be one? Reply

Alma Lopez Hollywood April 17, 2013

Winning the War Thank you Rabbi Gurkow,
, this is a wonderful lecture, It makes me thing without offending the animal kingdom, about a dog, his behavior for the most part, depend on his owner, when the dog needs a leash and when he doesn't, how to train him to be a good dog, and a peaceful friend; as we realized that we are dealing with an animal force, and that it can be domesticated, is in our hands to teach the animal who is the boss, perhaps G-d created the animal kingdom before man, for man not just to give them a name, but to also observe the variety of behaviors that we will have to confront, learn, train and overcome, and ultimately, to have victory in such an illogical war.
Almah Reply

Anonymous Australia August 29, 2010

Win the War I have been enjoying the series of the 'Psalms of King David.' This Part 3 is particularly interesting, practical and inspiring. I'm greatful for the deep meaning conveyed here. Thankyou for increasing my knowledge and understanding, and for imparting a challenge so graciously. I'm looking forward to Part 4. Shalom Reply

alina carr roselle park, nj August 13, 2010

Psalm 55;19 Thank you rabbi! For the meaning and power of this Psalm. Shalom. Reply

D.B. Toronto, Canada August 8, 2010

Wow! This is so beautiful and motivational. It makes me want to work very hard to get to that level of greatness. Reply

brian amarillo, tx August 6, 2010

Just plain thank you Thank you Reply

Michal August 5, 2010

Psalm 55;19 Dear Rabbi Gurkow,
I would like to listen to you every day, because it touches my heart and soul.
But the Chassidic differentiation between an animal soul and a godly soul I cannot understand. When G-d created me, he gave me one soul. And when I die, this neshama (soul), He gave me, too is one. What is easier for me is to believe in Yertzer ha and ra and Yetzer ha tov (evil inclination and good inclination).
But all the things you explained, happen to me too. Silly thoughts slip into my prayers, and that makes me sad. And at a meal I
am actually satiated, but there is still appetite, and I go on eating. What you told us will (hopefully) be a help for me. My Yetzer hara is very strong, and he very often wins the fight. But I love G-d. and I hope He will help me to grow. Until he takes my neshama home (I am 76 already).
I am looking forward to it. I am longing to stand "be ohr Panav" (in the light of his countenance). As your lectures are a real help, please don't stop now, if possible. To you and to Chabad I thank with all my heart. Reply

Ligia Maria Schwan Batista São Paulo, SP/ Brazil August 4, 2010

Psalms of King David The most beautiful prayers, deep from the heart. King David was so sincere that God said He would never lie to him. Reply