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Rabbi Gordon - Shelach: 3rd Portion

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Anonymous Virginia water, uk June 24, 2019

BH Rabbi Gordon another great teaching Reply

Yechiel nyc June 17, 2019

Hashem wanted to destroy the people and make Moshe a new nation.
Fine, but what about Kolev and Yehoshua? Reply

Rabbi EK for June 20, 2019
in response to Yechiel :

The Netziv on the verse notes that surely other Tzaddikim would survive such as Yehoshua and Kalev. What Hashem is saying here is that the merit of Moshe will protect all the survivors who were small in number. Reply

Brtian Shapiro Pine Bush, NY June 13, 2017

I look forward to your talk with thanks Reply

Henoch Hirschowitz Sydney June 10, 2014

Your Sydney fans use your classes every day. You're the best. Reply

Evelyne-Valerie D'Arnal Paris, France May 28, 2013

Shelach 3rd Portion - Israël Rebels against Ha.Shem You mentioned that we tested G*d on 10 seperate occasions:

Twice at the Sea of Reed;
1. Thinking that they going to their death and
2. not having faith that the Egptian army coming after them would not harm them

Twice with the Manna
1. Not having faith by taking more and in spite ending up with just what they needed
2. ?

Twice with the Quail
1.It rained down and killed those who craved it

Then there was the Korah rebellion about the status of Moses
I also remember about the Spies, not trusting on the word itself and their evil reports.
And finally the story about people craving their desires and not wanting to follow the laws of intimacy?

Which or what am I missing?
Could you please briefly outline these events for me or fill in the blanks.
I could not find my answers.
Thank you in advance for these online classes.
I learn so much I thirst for more.
You have a Great sense of humour, my kind!
Evelyne Reply

Eli Myers London June 13, 2017
in response to Evelyne-Valerie D'Arnal:

I know it's late - but hope this can be helpful for whoever reads it:

(From Artscroll Rashi)

The first test at the sea took place when the Israelites showed a lack of trust in G-d by complaining " is it because there are not graves in Egypt - that you took us to die in the wilderness" (exodus 14:11). The 2nd test at the sea is alluded to in the verse "they revelled about the sea, at the sea of reeds" (psalms 106:7).

After the Israelites crossed the sea, they demonstrated a lack of faith by saying "just as we are emerging from the sea on this side, the egyptians are emerging on the other and will pursue us again".

1st test of the manna - they left manna over until morning, despite being commanded not to (exodus 16:19-20). 2nd test of manna was when some Israelites went out to gather manna on Shabbos although being commanded not to (exodus 16:27).

Details of other sins are found in Rashi :) available on the Tanach on this website. Reply

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