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Rabbi Gordon - Tzav: 3rd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Tzav: 3rd Portion

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Tzav, Parshah

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Diana Mara Henry Newport, VT March 28, 2023

I've learned a lot of Hebrew from these lessons, because Rabbi Gordon reads and then translates phrase by phrase. I am so grateful. Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA March 16, 2011

Kosher fish Yes, one may eat raw fish. No problem, as long as the fish is Kosher. Tuna has fins and scales, and is therefore kosher. I am not familiar with Tuna sashimi although I have seen it listed on many Kosher restaurant menus. Reply

Anonymous Fountain Valley, CA March 16, 2011

kosher fish Dear Rabbi Gordon, thanks for today's chumash class. You have mentioned that the blood of fish is not blood. I have a Japanese diet, is eating raw fish ok? how about eating tuna sashimi (red flesh), is it kosher? Please advise. Thank you kindly. Reply

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