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Rabbi Gordon - Tzav: 1st Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Tzav: 1st Portion

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Tzav, Parshah

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Anonymous March 29, 2020

Last Rashi on verse 3 There's one commentary in Rashi that doesn't appear in all editions of Rashi.
And in today's class, it was probably skipped because of that.

(the last comment on verse 3:)
על המזבח: מצא אברים שעדיין לא נתעכלו, מחזירן על המזבח, לאחר שחתה גחלים אילך ואילך ונטל מן הפנימיות, שנאמר את העולה על המזבח:

upon the altar: If he finds any [animal] parts which were not yet consumed, he must put them back onto the altar, after raking the burning embers in all directions and scooping out some of the innermost [ashes], because it is said, “the burnt-offering upon the altar,” [i.e., while it is still in the form of a burnt-offering, and not yet ashes, it must remain “upon the altar”]. — [Yoma 45a] Reply

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