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Rabbi Gordon - Vayikra: 4th Portion

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Anonymous March 25, 2020

Rashi on Verse 9 It seems that in the class on today's Chumash, the Rashis on verse 9 are skipped by accident:

:חלבו: המובחר שבו. ומהו זה, האליה תמימה
the choicest part: Heb. חֶלְבּוֹ.[Usually, its fat. Here it means] its choicest part. And what is this? The complete tail.

:לעמת העצה: למעלה מן הכליות היועצות
opposite the kidneys: Heb. הֶעָצֶה, above the kidneys, which give counsel (הַיּוֹעֲצוּת). Reply

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