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Rabbi Gordon - Vayikra: 3rd Portion

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Anonymous March 24, 2020

You always get my attention. Thank you for doing these videos. Be Blessed. Reply

Anonymous zurich, switzerland March 18, 2015

Hi Rabbi Gordon. It's a year since I started doing chitas with you. It has so dramatically changed my life and that of my children. I can't thank you enough!
Warm Regards,
D. Slutzkin Reply

Wanda San Sebastian, PR March 24, 2012

meal offering If most meal offering was unleavend, why is Shabbat challah leavened? Reply

Al Milgram San Jose, California March 13, 2011

Mishkan One whole book in the Torah deals with the Mishkan and the laws of the Mishkan. HaShem gave us this book of the Torah.

Today,we have the land of Israel again for the Jewish people. Why don't we rebuild the Mishkan again and restore the practices that HaShem has commanded us to practice? Chabad teaches us that the Mishkan can be erected at any site within Israel, for example, in the City of David in Jerusalem.

Rabbinical Judaism is not in the Torah, but the Mishkan is in the written Torah. Why do you persist in disregarding the Commandments from HaShem? Reply

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