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Rules Three to Seven of Torah Elucidation

13 Principles of Torah Elucidation - Lesson 3

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Rules Three to Seven of Torah Elucidation: 13 Principles of Torah Elucidation - Lesson 3

Various rules for understanding the interrelationship between comprehensive and detailed statements made in the Torah. Principles 3-7 are covered in this lesson.
Rules Three to Seven of Torah Elucidation  
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Thirteen Principles of Torah Exegesis

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Tziporah Hayes, VA/USA November 30, 2011

Question Thank you for these wonderful lessons!
I have a question regarding mixed fibers and returning of lost items. When speaking of mixed fibers, there is a general rule mentioned - don't wear mixed fibers, then there's a specific list of wool & linen (basically the only two fibers used for clothing at the time). Then you have the command to return lost items, qualified by very specific items.

Why does it appear that two sets of rules are used for both? In regards to clothing, the specifics are retained and all other fibers can be mixed whilst in regard to returning lost items, the specifics aren't retained, rather all items must be returned?

I find it curious as well with the prohibition of mixing meat and dairy. That is entirely specific to a kid & it's mother's milk, yet is expanded to include every form of meat and dairy.

Thanks again for these great lessons. Shavua tov. Reply

Anonymous Blacksburg, VA May 23, 2011

handout request... This class would be a lot easier to follow if you could add to the handout the biblical verses he is referencing as examples. I keep having to search in English, then find it in Hebrew (which turns into like a 5 step process) to find each example in order to better understand it. Thanks! Reply

Bob Popkin Pt. Washington, NY August 27, 2010

Thank you. Almost 13 years ago I read through the Art Scroll Sidur, it was at the beginning of my very good journey into being observant and I passed these 13 rules. Over the years I became more interested but I had not made much headway in understanding them. Your lecture opened the door and shed light into the darkness. I owe you. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this series together. Shalom. Reply

Mr. Richard Raff August 26, 2010

13 Principles of Torah Elucidation - Lesson 3 Rabbi Schochet

you have done very well on explains these rules. i am fond of your insight on the interruption of the 13 principles. i have enjoyed you sharing the time. Reply

JohnBattye KENT, UK August 17, 2010

13 Elucidations Can't wait - any notes available? Reply