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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Tisa: 3rd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Tisa: 3rd Portion

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Ki Tisa, Parshah

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Carl March 10, 2020

Today's reading was so good i needed to hear it twice. Reply

Rick Miller California March 14, 2017

So missed A year Already! Somehow it doesn't seem real.
Thank Hashem so much of your work is still with us. Reply

Hilda Zeigler CT March 1, 2015

Dear Rabbi Gordon,
I cannot thank you enough for your daily Chumas and Tanya classes. Every morning I wake up excited to learn more about G-d and how to live in way that is more pleasing to Him. I thoroughly enjoy your style of teaching, humor, jokes, and stories, for me they add much!
In great appreciation,
Hilda Reply

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