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Intimacy: The Sanctity of Marriage

Jewish Essentials - Part 6

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Intimacy: The Sanctity of Marriage: Jewish Essentials - Part 6

What does Judaism say about marital intimacy? Introduce meaning and sanctity into your marriage with the beautiful observances of mikvah. This class is the sixth lecture of a six-part series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
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Mikveh, Family Purity

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Siri Herat St John's, Newfoundland July 18, 2017

Thank so very much for this class. I have learned so much. Reply

Anonymous Arizona January 12, 2013

Awesome! I thank God and you. Wish we were taught this when we were young. Reply

Mrs. Robert and Ana Gras March 26, 2012

I love it!! Thank you. Reply

Dr. Derrick Whitt August 23, 2010

Some Are Not Getting It... Don't try to assess that Rabbi Bistritzky did not cover intimacy. He did by dealing with the involvement of G-d, who desires the marriage bed to be holy and that the husband and wife are making life to spring forth from the loins during sexual intimacy. Just think of what the secular world is offering (counterfeits to healthy marriages: pornography, prostitution, spouse swapping, sadomasicism, bondage and domination, incest, pedophilia, etc.) Human intimacy is cheapened by the secular world and now we will have marriages being ripped apart, ending in divorce which G-d hates. Take the time to read Vayiqra (Leviticus) chapter 18 to discover why G-d addresses the purity laws in sex and marriage. It just that some of us watching this are not getting it at all. Reply

Anonymous June 3, 2010

There is no discussion on intimacy, on sexuality, in real terms in a real world. All the discussion is on female impurity - which he acknowledges he does not understand - what about male impurity? What about attitudes to sexuality which destroy relationships: selfishness, adultery, indifference to the other, etc. What about exploitation of women's sexuality by men? Reply

Anonymous sydney, australi May 26, 2010

hi La Spezia I think that connecting to G-d, and being healthy - body and soul means doing the right thing in challenging situations. Ending a marriage that is harmful and standing up for yourself despite how people may see you, is brave, commendable and is the right thing to do! All good marriages need work, hope u find something good to work on in the future :) Reply

Anonymous Toronto, Canada May 25, 2010

Signora G-d tells the husband to cherish his wife, and to remember the wife of his youth. G-d also does not take kindly to someone who pushes someone else off their track when they are trying to follow G-d's will. Do not feel guilty for leaving. However, this is not a license to get another man.
My humble opinion from the Bible. Reply

Anonymous La Spezia, Italy April 15, 2010

Excellent Conference on Judaism I would like to congratulate you on all of this explanation on each and every subject you touched. I'm a Catholic person but hearing each individual subject. Wow this made me think very much. How many things are hidden from the church. I would really like to emphasize that you Jewish selected people of G-D should try and do you your best in teaching who G-d really is. If only some people would apply these rules this would certainly be a life filled with LOVE. I grew up in New York, married in Italy thinking my husband believed in G-D. Married in church and promised in front of G-d until death doesn't separate us. Well after 40 years of torture between us I decided to put an END to my marriage because I was gradually dying day after day. Now the Church doesn't approve this because couldn't end my marriage. Please give me an advice because I find myself guilty in front of G-d for ending my marriage. A husband that didn't even consider me as a wife from the beginning.
Thank you. Reply

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