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Rabbi Gordon - Terumah: 4th Portion

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Anonymous PA March 1, 2017

Even though I can do Chumash myself, I enjoy it here Reply

Joseph Michigan March 1, 2017

The detail is there so that a builder would have precise instructions to follow. It might not be exciting reading but it gives us what we need. Reply

Eva TX January 29, 2014

Tabernacle construction Please take the word tedious out of your vocabulary. Your lesson and explanation on the construction of the Tabernacle was amazing. This is the first detailed description I have heard and you put in wonderful explanations of it all with added sources that no one could possibly come away without knowing that this was not only G-d's work, but also a real work of art; the craftsmanship is a marvel. Thank you for your hard work on this lesson. Is there anyway to get a copy of the hand outs for this lecture (Terumah: 4th Portion)? Reply

jack nyc January 29, 2014

why why, oh why, must the Torah go into such details? I don't see any moral lessons from these. but, then, maybe it's me Reply

Anonymous February 14, 2018
in response to jack:

One facet: The building of something holy for Hashem to dwell in, must be constructed exactly how Hashem directs and with numerous directives....alluding to the 613 mitzvot Reply

Akiva Virginia Beach VA February 12, 2013

Grateful convert Rabbi Gordon,

"What is the text book of art work you are using?"
The work is amazing. Thank you for helping my understanding of Torah.
May G_d bless you always.

Best wishes,

Akiva Reply

Bruce P Billings Dorr, Michigan via February 23, 2012

TRUTH Hello Rabbi Your insights and humor are a blessing to me & my family. This goes to prove I have read the BIBLE 7 times and know nothing about it. In English anyway. Were looking forward to rambam ! I am learning Hebrew at home. any help would be appreciated or even a website... Thank you so much !!! G-d bless Reply

evelyn oteng waverly, ny February 5, 2011

How do I get a copy of the hand outs for lecture Terumah: 4th Portion
the list of prophets, menorra etc.
Can it be emailed to me thak you Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan February 1, 2011

To me, they are fascinating You told "tedious technical portion". To me, these verses about Mishkan constraction are so fascinating. Reply

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