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Rabbi Gordon - Terumah: 3rd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Terumah: 3rd Portion

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Terumah, Parshah

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Michael Tselner February 1, 2022

Who wrote and published the book that Rabbi Gordon uses for the illustrations of the Mishkan? Reply Staff February 3, 2022
in response to Michael Tselner:

The book is called "The Tabernacle" by Moshe Levine. Reply

Anonymous February 25, 2020

Is there meaning to the lion design on the inside and the eagle on the outside? Reply

Abraham Hope January 27, 2014

Presumably the Goat hair cover was waterproof as I suppose were the dyed Ram skin covers. The Lebanon Ceder would have be a hardwood to avoid rotting, insect infestation and damage. The whole shebang would have had to been light enough to carry without too much of a problem. The gold and brass would not rust and there are no steel and iron items which could make a simple electric cell which would lead to rusting and staining. Everything makes sense. Really enjoy and learn thank God and thank you Rabbi for passing the message on. Reply

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