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Rabbi Gordon - Mishpatim: 6th Portion

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Miriam Ruvinskis San Marcos, CA February 12, 2021

Rabbi Gordon is such an inspiration! Every morning, every day, his words go directly to my heart. Such an understanding and reflexión! I just learned yesterday that Rabbi Gordon is not anymore in this world, but now, more than ever I feel his teachings and his words, as a direct light that comes from Hashem to all of us. May his memory be blessed always! Reply

Anonymous Tel Aviv February 12, 2021

Studying Torah, on his yahrzeit, with Rav Gordon of blessed, blessed memory. Thanks to his Tanya class I know he is in Gan Eden studying Torah with his people. May his memory be a blessing. Reply

Rob Benhuri February 9, 2018

Comment and a Question Thank you all so much for the hard work, love and dedication that has gone into this website. Rabbi Gordon is indeed of blessed memory. What a gift that his teachings can go on.

Here is my question: Is there a deeper meaning to the names of the enemies listed in 23:23? If so, where can I find out more about this?

Thank you again, this website has had such a profound impact on my life - I hope you know that the work you are doing is very meaningful and effective! Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman February 20, 2018
in response to Rob:

Hello Rob,

Thank you for your comment.

There is indeed a deeper meaning to enemies listed in Exodus 23:23. If you count them, there are six nations mentioned. Elsewhere, a seventh nation, Girgashites, is mentioned as living in the then land of Canaan.

Those seven nations represent the seven emotional attributes of a human. The battle to conquer the land of Canaan was as much a spiritual one as a physical war. The Jews fought to take control of their emotional traits, so that their love would be love of G-d as opposed to love for something else, and their awe would be awe of G-d.

This gives perspective to the command that each of us has to wage war with the seven nations of Canaan. Even though the physical nation has long since disappeared, the spiritual counterparts of those nations are still very much alive and well within us.

We must constantly battle to control them. Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon (author) Encino, CA January 30, 2011

Thank you Dear Tony:

Thank you for your warm words and your positive feedback. I appreciate it very much.
A Rebbe is unique. Other worldly. What I am (at best) is a very simple, "clear" teacher. Although, I am very proud to be an emmisary of the Rebbe. One of thousands. Thank you, again. Many blessings. Reply

Tony Kerr Louisville, US January 28, 2011

Rabbi Gordon, thank you for making this study available, and if you made more, I would listen to that too.

I would nominate you as the successor to the previous Rabbi, as your message is as clear and bright.

Thank you again. Reply

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