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Rabbi Gordon - Mishpatim: 5th Portion

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Andre January 30, 2022


In Exodus 24 there is an account of what takes place before the giving of the Torah. My question is, why were Aharon and his sons allowed to approach the mountain as part of the priesthood if the firstborn of Israel had not yet forfeited their place as cohen with the sin of the golden calf?

Wouldn't that honour reserved for the priesthood i.e. the firstborn? Please explain. Todah Rabbah. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman February 1, 2022
in response to Andre:

Great question!

The Ibn Ezra says that the 70 elders were the firstborns. Aaron was a firstborn as well. It is possible that Nadav and Avihu both were as well.

However, the Tzror HaMor says that these were the ones that ascended the mountain as they were ready to receive prophecy. The point was not to make them into priests. It was to make them into prophets. Reply

Anonymous February 4, 2016

thank you thank you reb shea... for today's learning class
zolst zyin geh'zunt Reply

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