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Rabbi Gordon - Beshalach: 2nd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Beshalach: 2nd Portion

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Beshalach, Parshah

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Anna Lampugnani Melbourne, Australia January 6, 2014

Very interesting This is new to me however I found it very interesting. Rabbi Gordon is communicating very well to me. I find this surprising yet enlightening at the same time. Thank you for making this available. Reply

Anonymous January 22, 2013

Hi why were the Jews that did not want to leave Egypt killed surely it was their free choice/will that Hashem has given to all of us to choose to stay if they wanted to.
Thanks for your very interesting shiurs.
Larraine Reply

Anonymous USA January 21, 2013

Rabbi Gordon by listening to your teaching i am just amazed. Also reading that the israelites said that they would prefer to go back to Egypt and be slaves than to die. I believe that there was humility on the part of the Israelite. Being slaves is ok but stay alive. A rebelious person would just chose to fight. Over and over again in history i see that the Jewish people went to be slaughter without a fight. Isn't this behavior a sign of humility? The Spirit of Hashem, blessed be He, is deep in the Jewish heart. No matter what. Love, somehow is ingraned in them. Maybe this is the reason why, of all nations, Israel was the one to chose the Eternal G-d of Abraham. Blessed be He. Reply

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