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Vayechi: Family Feud

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Vayechi: Family Feud

Unfortunately, it is not totally uncommon to find resentment or bad blood between family members. It almost always starts out small but somehow ends up spiraling out of control. What does Judaism say about family feuds?
Vayechi, Conflict, Family, Everything is for the Good, Joseph, Parshah

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Barbara August 7, 2011

Ruth Oh, how I share your aching Heart. I have 3 Children 3 Brothers and The List goes on and on. Being the Eldest I without hesitation always stepped up to the plate when help was needed.
They are all right and I am on the other side.. Totally ignored and treated as you without any compassion or respect. Or simply as Part of the Family.
Perhaps we can start a group and find some solace in sharing. I have been reading and listening all day trying to soothe my aching heart...Shalom Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn , USA December 16, 2010

rapoprt First time I've heard you --FABULOUS! Inspirational, short and am left with a lot to think about. I will be tuning in more often to you. A New York resident says thank you Rabbi Reply

ruth cohen jerusalem, israel December 16, 2010

BLACKNESS ON ALL FRONTS i have a huge problem with my family and turned to see what you have to say and the video is all black. figures. sounds like the right answer to me.
i have tried for years to reach a famliy that are cold and closed and blame me for only god knows what.

I live in jerusalem and guess its up to me to make the first 700 moves.
now i am tired. nothing works. stones remain stones.
plus my 2 girls joined them when i divorced their violent father.
so cold stony silence from 20 people. nephews and nieces who dont know that i exist.
maybe blackness is the best answer
any ideas something different, tried everything Reply

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