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Rabbi Gordon - Va'eira: 2nd Portion

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Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA December 23, 2013

Noahide Laws In response to "You are a Special Rabbi" posted on Dec 23rd, the Noahide Laws are seven universal laws given by G-d to Noah and his descendants which would include all human beings ever to live. Six are “negative” commandments and the seventh is a “positive” commandment.

They are:
1. The prohibition of Idolatry.
2. The prohibition of Murder.
3. The prohibition of Theft.
4. The prohibition of Sexual immorality.
5. The prohibition of Blasphemy.
6. The prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive.
7. The requirement of maintaining courts to provide legal recourse. Many blessings,

Richard (Gavriel Ahron Moshe Yaheshuah) Cardell Itasca, IL December 23, 2013

You are a special Rabbi Shalom Rabbi Gordon,
I am Richard (Aharon Moshe Yaheshua) Cardell.
Baruch Hashem!
This the first time I have been able to make a comment so I apologize about the length of my comment. It might be a long time before I post one again. This is not one of my strong points. L.O.L. I'm working on it.
I am very pleased to have the privilege to watch and listen to your daily lessons. I have been studying on the Chabad website for a few years now. I virtually never miss the daily lessons. I have been ill for quite some time so I am unable to go out. Hashem mercifully has brought the Synagogue into my home. The way that you teach has opened my eyes and ears on many levels. You are a great Rabbi and have a great sense of humor that help lighten up these heavy teachings. Thank you so much for touching my spirit with your Wisdom, dedication and energy.
Now my question is, what are the Noahit laws?
May Hashem bless you and your family for all the years of your lives
Moshe Reply

William Harris Tampa, FL January 8, 2013

Confused Hello Rabbi, I don't understand how a man can marry his aunt but not his niece, and yet a woman can marry her uncle and not her nephew. If the man can marry his aunt but the aunt cannot marry her nephew how will they marry? Thank you.

Anonymous Yerushalim, E.Isreal December 29, 2010

Our forefathers were holy. Rabbi Gordon--In your class on Va"eira 2nd
portion -you call the Avos "the good old boys"
When did you ever hear anyone speak about our holy Avos in those terms? Reply

Ken (Kinyan) Boschwitz Minneapolis, MN December 28, 2010

Problem I do not see the english translation of Rashi. I need that to follow along. Reply

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