This is so poignant. Here we have Miri hijacking my own technology and using it to clone me. What's so great about that? Because it's exactly what the Creator Himself did with His technology.

No, the Creator doesn't clone Himself. There's only one of Him. But what He does do is create something that mimics Him so well, so exquisitely, that most of the world is totally fooled.

He created matter.

In the beginning, G‑d created the heavens and the earth. The heavens are nice. Everything in the heavens points upwards and says, "I'm not here all on my own. Something higher is responsible for me existing." The heavens and all that populates them are like music or art, an expression of their master, his mind and his heart.

And the earth? Well, the earth is also host to beauty, to emotion, intelligence, kindness, love…many expressions of the divine. From the earth sprouts the mystery of life, and what could be a better indication that there must be a Life of All Lifes than the emergence of life out of the dark earth again and again?

But let's speak of earth as matter. Not the dark organic soil. Just the dumb stuff that's just stuff because it's stuff. The stuff that says nothing, other than "here I am." The stuff that's just there.

Nothing is just there. Everything is a creation. Everything is made for a purpose. So where does this matter stuff get the chutzpah to say that it's "just there"?

The answer is: From the only one who can say, "I'm just here because I am here" and be telling the truth. From the only one who has no cause, no precedent, no beginning and no end. He alone can create a substance that says the same and really believes it to be so. That's how He created matter.

He didn't stop there. Out of that matter He formed a human being. And the human being opens its eyes, stretches out its hands and legs and feels, "I am here." It feels one "I" and only one I and a thousand billion thems, yous and its. It feels like G‑d. And if not for this human's intelligence, the breath of G‑d inside it and a good wife, it would certainly feel it is truly G‑d. Pharaoh, for example, who said, "The river is mine and I have made myself." Or all those other ancient kings who believed they were god. Or your two-year-old for that matter.

I'm stuck with a clone because my granddaughter wanted two of me. Why is G‑d so interested in having a clone in His universe?

Quite simply, because He created the universe in order to be found within it. And where can He best be found? Not in the serene, transcendental and very wussy heavens, but in the concrete, egocentric, material-minded earth-brain. There, when that mimicry comes also to bow down to His oneness, that's where His essence will dwell in its most pristine state.

That's why the greatest thing you can do in this universe is an act of material kindness. Meditation, prayer, study, spiritual ecstasy and mystic union—those are all inspiring, uplifting and very cool. But the ultimate is to put nourishing food in the stomach of a hungry person, to clothe him with physical clothes and build him a physical house. Even if your motives are not sincere, even if you give more than what is needed. What really matters is that the physical matter of this world was used for doing good. And so, it's come that much closer to being the place where G‑d dwells in all His essence and glory.