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Rabbi Gordon - Vayechi: 7th Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Vayechi: 7th Portion

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Vayechi, Parshah

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Anonymous January 26, 2016

Dear Rabbi:

Thank you so much for your shiur on this parsha. I just learned that this was the parsha when my grandfather passed away, whose name was Joseph ben Izthak z'l. It is very special to learn that that the two Josephs coincide at this parsha, at the end of Bereishis, also known as the end of the patriarchal era. Reply

Ruben Kwint Netherlands December 26, 2015

Practical question about Joseph B"H

Dear Rabbi,

Thanks first of all for your very clear teaching. Your humor helps to see in one flash the whole picture as it would happen now in 2015:-)

My question: As Joseph served Hashem with joy and said 'Baruch Hashem' in all situations, even in the most difficult ones, I find it very difficult to practice this at my work. The stress takes my joy away and sometimes makes me bitter and angry at work, and even when I come home, I am not completely there for my wife, because work and responsibilities still pursue my mind for hours.

Do you have any counsel in this regard (maybe books or articles I could read on this topic) to overcome/manage this)? After listening to your explanations at home, I think: This is not the way I behaved today, while I should have served Hashem with joy and not with bad words at work and being full of stress after coming home. Reply

Elisheva Yerushalayim January 7, 2015

I want to chime in with my thanks. Despite being baalat tshuva for many years I've always had a problem in being consistent with my Jewish learning. And now I'm proud to say that I've followed these classes for all of Sefer Bereishit. The classes are both educational and very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the rest of the classes.

Hashem yevarech et Rav Gordon ad meah ve'esrim. Reply

Gabriela London UK December 12, 2013

RAbbi Yeshoshua Gordon...I absolutely love your classes! I have one question regarding this teaching....of Jacob the torah does not say he died...but explains that we was gathered with his fathers. What about Joseph in verse 26 it says he died?? Does it have anything to do that we include the names of the patriarch Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with Hashem? As G_d is eternal so our forefathers? Thank you... Reply

yechiel ny December 12, 2013

Baal Haturim I can't stand gematria. I remember years ago there was the Bible Codes - which were great. Why those were dropped, I don't know.
But the Baal Haturim just seemed to have too much time on his hands. Maybe they should have invented TV just for him.
Pls leave Baal Haturim out of your next project. Thanks. Reply

Anonymous December 26, 2012

I am looking for Genesis, Chapter 49, Section 28, Verses 3l-33. I don't see them here! I need them in Hebrew, please!
Thank you very much! Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon encino, ca January 12, 2012

Chazak Thank you very much for learning with me. Thank you for your beautiful words. Reply

Rivka Ozersky Flushing, NY January 6, 2012

Chazak Chazak Venitchazek! to Rabbi Y. B. Gordon Dear Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon,
Your Parasha classes are the best I heard so far in the whole world wide net.
You stick to the Parasha and Rashi's text, you bring Baal HaTurim, Sfornos and numerous Midrashim that illustrate the points and ellucidate hard core questions, you cover ground and leave us with a thorough overview of the whole Parashea, and last but not least,
you spice it all with youir warm very'a-propos' , 'la-enyian' humor and personal anecdotes.
Our family thanks you and blesses you for making us addicts of you Great Parasha with Rashi class.
May Hashem Bless you Bakol, Mikol, Kol!
Chazak Chazak VeNitchazek!
With Love and respect
Rivka and Nachum Ozersky Reply

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