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Rabbi Gordon - Vayechi: 6th Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Vayechi: 6th Portion

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Vayechi, Parshah

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yechiel ny January 5, 2023

at 40:15 rashi explains the word LU
reminds me of the beautiful and moving song 'lu yehi'.
see it on YouTube Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA December 20, 2010

a question Where do we find that Pharoh spoke Hebrew? Chapter 50 verse 2 does not discuss this subject.

Thank you for learning with me. I am honored. Reply

Gabriel Santiago, Chile December 17, 2010

A Question Dear Rav Gordon, as you explained the backround to Rashi's explanation on Bereishis, Chapter 50, verse two, we understand that Pharoh didn´t know loshon hakoidesh. But, In many sections in Chumash, we see that he did spoke in hebrew. One clear example of this the same verse that I just mentioned above. What could be the answer to this contradiction?

I listen to your Chumash/Rashi every day and they are wonderful. I appreciate all the time and energy that you put into this amazing task. Thank you very much.

Be well! Reply

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