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Rabbi Gordon - Vayechi: 5th Portion

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Anonymous nyc December 31, 2014

Blessings? How can you call Reuven's and Shimon's blessings, blessings? There's not a hint of a blessing in those sentences.
I enjoy your shiurim tremendously, Rabbi. This is my third year listening to you. Yasher Koach ! Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach, CA January 3, 2012

question regarding tribal ancestory I find the blessings of each tribe fascinating. Can any person of Jewish ancestory find out which tribe they might belong to? If a Jewish family have certain talents passed down in generations, could that be a clue to the identity of tribal ancestory? Thanks again for the wonderful teaching. Reply

Ziad Easton,Pennsylvania, USA December 31, 2020
in response to Lisa Aubert:

Absolutely! I am a born Lebanese Druze who converted to Christianity five years ago & I believe I was a Jew. I have been mesmerized by the Torah study & feel deeply that I belong to one of the twelve tribes. My being is to figure out this question. Story of my life. I will one day. Been studying The Hebrew Language & I think I'm getting closer year by year. With HaShem’s help I will. Reply

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