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Rabbi Gordon - Vayechi: 4th Portion

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Terrenza Texas, USA June 15, 2015

re: Samson It is recorded that Samson killed more in his death than when he lived (Judges 16:30). That's a lot of Philistines! And they would have been all the leadership (16:23, 27) and likely most of the military, in addition to the general populace. Perhaps it took 40 years (a full generation) for them to reestablish their government and military. Reply

Sam Stein December 11, 2013

torah before it was given What do they mean by saying Ephraim studied torah with Jacob?
The torah was not given yet? Reply

Lawrence Feldman MONTREAL December 15, 2021
in response to Sam Stein:

in trying to share an we have today an ethereal or "spiritual" aspect to many aspects of our daily life..a person of a higher conciseness is a real in the times before Torah was actually given there existed a mentality and a environment of Torah principals that needed to learned and was
not in the form we know today Reply

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