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Rabbi Gordon - Mikeitz: 4th Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Mikeitz: 4th Portion

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Mikeitz, Parshah

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Stewart Rome via December 20, 2022

Beautifully explained. Thank you so much Rabbi Reply

James Perry December 28, 2016

Thank you for ur time and valuable explanation.
God bless Reply

Anonymous NY December 27, 2016

Mikeitz 3rd Portion As I always tell my grandchildren, because if two or five brothers went to Egypt, you would ask 'why not ten'.
Just kidding Reply

Terrenza Texas, USA June 14, 2015

Reason for circumcision You said there were many reasons. Would one of those reasons be because he did know that his brothers would come and he for-saw intermarriage with his kin? Then the women would not be given to uncircumcised men? Reply

Michael Cleveland December 17, 2014

Mikeitz 3rd Portion Why did ten brothers go to Egypt to buy grain? Why not two or five? Reply

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