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Rabbi Gordon - Vayeishev: 7th Portion

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Anonymous December 6, 2018

It seems like this is the section in the Torah with the most dreams. Earlier in the parsha, Jacob had his dreams which is what started getting him into trouble. And in this 7th portion, it's all about dreams again. And then I believe the first portion of Mikeitz also discusses dreams.

I would assume that there is a lot of commentary and discussion as to why this section in the Torah (specifically relating to Joseph) talks about dreams all the time. Would you please be able to explain why that is? Why is it so significant to spend so much time talking about 2 Egyptians' dreams, and then later on mention Pharoah's dream. I would imagine that many prophets who were Tzaddikim had prophetic dreams and they are never mentioned in scripture... so:
Question 1: why are all these dreams described in the first place? Question 2: And why are they discussed specifically in this section. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman December 13, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

As it says in Tehillim, when Moshiach comes, we will realize that exile was really like a dream. In a dream, the impossible can become reality. Truth is flipped on its head. And, when you are in the dream, you think it makes total sense.

These Parshiyot talk about the entrance into exile. Therefore, they came about entirely through dreams, to symbolize what our view of exile is supposed to be.

And, as in the story, even in a dream full of falsehood, there can be nuggets of precious truth and goodness that we might not have had access to if we were awake. Reply

Frumeth Polasky Saginaw, MI December 10, 2014

Chief Baker as head of the CIA My esteemed Rabbi Gordon:

I reiterate the comments of Abraham Mass of Australia. Your shiurim of Torah with Rashi and Tanya start each day with the light of Torah and the light of your teaching. Your style is wonderful, and I so appreciate the insights you share with us from your father, zt'l, who was instrumental in one of teachers becoming frum.

I had to chuckle [not shuckle] when you called the baker the head of the CIA because in gastronomic circles the CIA is the Culinary Institute of America which, by the way, was founded by a Jewish woman.

Continued blessings and success in all you do.

A gut yontif. Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia November 28, 2013

Thanks !! I would like to acknowledge and thank Chabad for the great website they have set up. It is truly amazing (as is all the other work they do)
As for you Rabbi Gordon, I daily watch your Shiurim and thoroughly enjoy them, and your personal touch and jokes (mostly) are a delight. I have read the Torah before, but was never able to learn or understand it at all adequately till now.
Rabbi, we are so fortunate, Blessed and privileged to be finally living in a time where "the earth shall be(and IS) filled with the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea."
Kol Hakavod to you for leading the way. May you continue to be Blessed, by H' to remain Gesunt und Shtaark, and Kol Tov to you to continue to Enlighten the whole world, as you are doing.
Sincere thanks. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to continue to see you, and hear from you daily.
Abe, Abraham Mass

Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon Encino Ca November 25, 2013

Joseph's faith Good question. The answer is given by commentaries. For the average person that would be true. G-d 's miracles come via nature. For one as great as Joseph, G d has greater expectations. In fact we see that in the end he was saved by an amazing miracle, Pharaoh s dreams! And became the King! Reply

Abraham Mass Ormond November 23, 2013

Joseph's faith in Hashem ! Joseph is punished for hoping that the Baker or Butler would help him. Is it not reasonable to expect that Hashem at times uses various people to carry out His Will? Reply

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