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Rabbi Gordon - Mikeitz: 1st Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Mikeitz: 1st Portion

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Mikeitz, Parshah

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Angel San Francisco December 30, 2016

I Really enjoyed your teaching rabbi am from San Francisco. Reply

Anonymous December 6, 2015

Thank you! G-d bless for your insights and inspiration, rabbi. Today's lesson brought a smile to my lips and sustenance to my soul. For that, I am so grateful. Reply

Anonymous Virginia December 17, 2014

Talmud Shalom Rabbi,
What can we expect you Talmud lessons on Jewish TV? Reply

Originally from Antwerp December 13, 2014

Time Notice that all the dreams deal with Time vs Space. Yosef was the Einstein of his day, no doubt!
I Enjoy your shiurim, Rabbi ! Reply

thea Tanzania December 8, 2014

i love your classes. i listen to them all the time. my mom is like, freaking out! :) Reply

Yehoshua November 26, 2013

why seemingly repetitive Rashi here (Ber. 41:5, Ber. 41:7)? Dear Rabbi Gordon,

Do you know of any explanation(s) for the near-exact repetition of the Rashi comment on 41:5 with that on 41:7 here regarding the gloss of "briyos" and ha-briyos" as meaning 'Seines' in Old French? Isn't it the case that Rashi omits that which an attentive reader could deduce on their own?

Thank you for your help! Reply

Jewliah Parnos Antwerp November 24, 2013

Todah Rabbah! G-d bless you dear Rabbi :)
Funny comments. Reply

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