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Rabbi Gordon - Vayeishev: 4th Portion

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Jerry van Goor Hoogeveen November 28, 2018

Which Rabbi told that about 37:24? Or where can we find that?
It is beautiful Reply

c nyc November 26, 2018

Since Yehudah married a caananite in this week's parsha, it seems to me that the debate who the 12 tribes married is solved: they married caananites.
As for what happened to their wives not going down to Egypt (as per count of only 70) , why not suppose that they wanted to stay with their mommies and not travel to a strange land.
There, I just solved 2 questions Rabbi Gordon had asked.
p.s. We miss you, Rabbi Gordon. Rest in peace. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman November 28, 2018
in response to c:

Hey C,

Good observation. However, I would point out that the Gemara (Pesachim 50a) writes: "on ben Lakish said: She was the daughter of a merchant, as it is written: “As for the merchant [kena’an], the balances of deceit are in his hand. He loves to oppress” (Hosea 12:8). And if you wish, say instead that this meaning of the word can be understood from the following verse, which describes Tyre: “Whose traders are princes, whose merchants [kinaneha] are the honorable of the earth” (Isaiah 23:8).

The Ramban points out that in 46:2, there is a child who is called "Shaul the son of the Canaanite". This implies that only he was born of a Canaanite woman. All the other brothers married women from the nations of Ammon, Moav, or Egypt.

As for the wives staying behind, it is possible, but historically probably very unlikely that they would have been able to just stay behind. And, what are the chances that every single one would have made the same choice? Reply

David Kronish Alon Shvut December 14, 2014

1) Why is Yehuda viewed as such a hero for the Children of Israel? His actions in this Parsha are not those of a Tzaddik! He turns to a harlot , and he has Tamar wait until his son is grown, but he really doesn't intend for her to marry him, lest danger befall him too?!
and, his behavior concerning what to do with Yosef is also not very Tzaddik like?
2) How many years is Yehuda involved with this whole episode? He gets married, his children grow up, he marries then off, and THEN he has a child with his daughter-in -law? Sounds like a long time!
This Parsha is difficult for me.....Yehuda's behavior bothers me, as does Reuven's behavior later , when he suggests that his sons be killed if he doesn't bring Binyamin home.; Please respond.....I need to hear a reasonable perspective. Thank you! Reply

Anonymous S.O., USA via November 29, 2010

Re: Judah's son In the eyes of hashem he saw Onan not righteous and killed him. Wasn't that a harsh punishment? This is a hard portion. Thank you Rabbi Gordon for the wonderful explanations. I took your classes some years ago at Chabad in Sherman Oaks and enjoyed them very much. You make the portions easy to understand and I am so glad to find you on line. Reply

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