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Rabbi Gordon - Vayeira: 2nd Portion

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Anonymous January 12, 2017

Abe S, On Rabbi Gordon previous lecture, he clearly stated that Abraham had become the father of all nations. Reply

Anonymous NY November 15, 2016

May we all look to see others good, even the hidden...for HaShem does this for us,
Thank you, Rabbi Reply

Anonymous Flagstaff, AZ November 22, 2015

Sarah Didn't Know They Were Angels Rabbi Gordon says that one approach to defending Sarah is that she didn't know the guests were angels, but wasn't Sarah a great prophetess? Shouldn't she have had the power of discernment (as with Elisha, who spiritually discerned the presence of the chariots of the angels around he and the king) discerned they were angels? Reply

Abe S Monsey NY October 14, 2013

Rebbe's Commentary Regarding the Rebbe’s analysis of the difference between Abraham and Moshe, that Moshe went further to beg even for the wicked, perhaps there’s a difference.

Moshe was begging for the Jewish people whom he was the leader of and knew they were internally and truthfully good. The S’domites were completely alien to Abraham and were not GD's chosen people and neither was he their leader and they were completely wicked through and through.


Don Davis Florence, SC October 29, 2012

The Righteous Dear Rabbi, Thank you for your time. Lot was saved from Sodom because he was deemed righteous. But then he turns around and has relationships with his two daughters. So, where does the religion of Judaism come down on Lot...What do the sages think about his actions? Again thank you so much for your time, Don Reply

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