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Rabbi Gordon - Vayeira: 1st Portion

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Anonymous Israel, Beitar Illit October 24, 2018

I would love to have a hotline phone number whereby I could call in for Parsha daily for Rabbi Gordon. Is there a phone number please? these lessons are so clear and really fun Reply

Avrohom Yitzchok Detroit November 3, 2014

Vayeira Was Tzor destroyed after Lot left the city? Reply

Rena G via October 28, 2013

First off, I want to thank Rabbi Gordon for helping make my daily chitas interesting and relatively painless. Also to comment on Vayera rishon - he says [mistakenly, I think], re: rashi's expantion of "eitz". this word can mean in chumash either 'tree' or 'wood'. Rashi is clarifying that here it means 'ilan' = 'tree' [but not fruit tree, as Rabbi Gordon said] Reply

Noah777 MI October 14, 2013

Good Questions Kayo,

Raphael both healed Avraham and saved Lot. Healing and Saving are under the same mission category.


Butter was served, then the milk, followed by a waiting period. Then the meat. Totally kosher.


Good questions. I am curious as to why Sarah laughed if her menstrual cycle had already started. Reply

Kayo Tokyo October 31, 2012

Question about 3rd angel B"H

One angel came for Sarah, one angel came for distruction of Sodom, and the other one, Raphael, came to heal Abraham, you said. However, didn't he come for saving Lot? Scripture said 2 angels went Sodom. Reply

Leslie Tuwaga Pretoria November 10, 2019
in response to Kayo:

Same Angel Keyo.
The same Angel which came to heal Avraham also saved lot. Reply

malcolm via October 27, 2012

no bread, but he served them milk, butter and cattle. no kosher laws observed, but unclean women observed? Reply

gil abramov dallas, tx October 22, 2010

Vayeira Greeting & Blessing. My name is Gil and you have become a regular part of my study schedule. You have been extremely helpful.
Two questions just for clarity purposes.

When the Torah writes "I will surly return to you this time next year" which we know is Pesach time, then do we assume the "bread" that Rashi's is talking about in the part about Sarah baking bread is actually Matzot?

2)When the Torah writes "the course of woman had ceased to be with Sarah" how do we reconcile that with the interpretation Rashi gives earlier when Abraham did not bring the bread that Sarah made due to her beginning her menstruation?

thank you, Reply

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